In spring of 2020 we began looking for the perfect piece of property on which we could create Mulberry Creek Farm. We looked at a number of listings and were excited to find this beautiful, overlooked piece of property in Catawba!

We learned that the property had been forested a few years prior, so it was in rough shape. Our visionary skills took over though, and as we drove through the property, it felt like it was made for our new venture. We spoke with the fine folks on the Catawba Town Planning board and also the Town Council to be sure we would be able to hold our events and were thankful to learn that the answer was, “Yes”! We felt very welcomed into the charming town of Catawba.

Since purchasing the property, we’ve been busy reclaiming the land and creating a beautiful space for you to enjoy. We’ve already met so many wonderful people, we can only imagine how our journey will evolve. We do know that our vision is to offer quality events in a beautiful outdoor space where you and your loved ones can create beautiful memories and enjoy fun traditions.

Please visit our EVENTS page for our Calendar of Events!