Please provide your web site page if you have one

Please provide your Facebook and/or Instagram page if you have one

Please provide a description of the products/food that you will be offering:

Please attach three pictures of your product or food items and two pictures of your booth or food truck set up.
Please read through the following guidelines and initial at the bottom that you will adhere to them should you be selected as one of our celebrated vendors:
  1. All items must be handcrafted by vendor/artisan and/or members of your team. No imports or resale of retail items.
  2. This is a juried event, therefore only approved items (those listed on your application may be sold at your booth).
  3. Only one craft category is allowed per booth unless given special permission.
  4. Your booth must be open air, white pop-up tent(s), or food truck, unless otherwise approved.
  5. All booths must be contained within space provided. All stock and storage boxes must be hidden from view.
  6. Displays should be neat and appealing. Tables are to be covered to the ground with fabric. No plastic tablecloths.
  7. No sales are permitted outside of your designated booth area.
  8. Attire of anyone working/assisting at your booth must be family-friendly and professional.
  9. Set up is the day before the event; tear down may begin once event is over or on the following day. Note: products may be put out on the day of event. There will be 24 hour security provided. All booths must be torn down within 24 hours from end of event.
  10. All Vendors/Artisans must stay open and have booth manned during ALL hours of the event.
  11. All trash must be taken to the dumpster(s) provided. Do not put trash from set up/tear down into trash barrels placed throughout festival grounds – these are for customers only.
  12. No pets, other than certified service animals, are permitted on the grounds.
  13. Vendor parking will be in designated area, no vehicles near booths during event hours.
  14. Vendor/Artisan must have applicable licensing and/or permits for the state of North Carolina and is responsible for filing income tax on all sales. All necessary licensing must be obtained at least one week prior to event.
  15. If approved, each vendor will complete a contract for each event with Mulberry Creek Farm, LLC.

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All applicants will be notified if they are selected or declined. If selected, you will receive an invitation via an email with the event(s) you're being invited to participate in, as well as detailed instructions. If you are declined, please understand that it may be due to your category already being filled.